About DJ Broca

DJ Broca decided he wanted to tell stories. He decided this while traveling the world and seeing how rich life could be.

He began his journey in the Bay area.

After bumming around Berkeley a couple years in his late teens he got the itch to see the world. Barely old enough to buy a drink, he stowed away onboard a Boeing 727. The plane spit me out on the splendid shores of the Iberian Peninsula. He wandered the land soaking up the Spanish sun, drinking Port wine, and eating plump grapes. While hitchhiking to France, a princess picked him up on the side of the road and invited him over to sample cheeses at her chateau. Tired of her formage, he borrowed a bike from her shed and pedaled way out east. Eventually in Ukraine he discovered Nutella vodka, and oh how he indulged. When he woke up he had somehow made it into Africa! He was riding with a caravan of Berbers crossing the Sahara. That night as he sat on my camel, Aladdin, he looked up and saw a million twinkling lights piercing the black canvas of a desert night sky. It dawned on him that he was a bag of hydrogen and carbon on the face of the largest desert on this pale blue dot hurling through space 1000 miles / hour at one arm of a spiral galaxy at one of the cold ends of an infinite universe.

We are small, he thought, and the time on this planet is short. His philosophy is to capture stories of all these life experiences, and share them in a compelling manner. Currently in medical school, his stories focus on health and disease: triumphs over illness and resignation to fate; entrepreneurship in thought and action; science cutting through folk wisdom, humanity lighting the way.