March 15 – Talking Body

On this episode I consider the human body as a whole and try to take a big picture look at anatomy. I discuss the different systems at play and how the structure of their physical properties meets their physiological functions.

Listen to the podcast here!

January 12 – Anatomy Education With Dr. Wiki

Every medical student goes through a rite of passage in their first year. They replace their new white coats for lab coats and gloves and head down to anatomy lab to learn every muscle, artery, and lymphatic drainage that exists in the body.

Along the way, a knowledgable anatomy professor shepards them along. Someone to stand over the shoulder and say, no that’s not a ureter, that’s a sciatic nerve.

In this episode the director of UC Irvine, School of Medicine’s gross anatomy department, Dr. Wikenheiser, discusses his path to becoming a medical educator, what the future of surgery might look like, and the trajectories of medical students as they try to decide their residency.

Interview With Dr. Wiki


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