April 26 – Floating Doctors

Dr. Ben LaBrot, founder of Floating Doctors, stops by the studio to talk about his organization and global medical efforts. We hear vivid stories of how his team delivers medical care to the remotest corners of Panama. Although many patients have never seen a physician before, Floating Doctors keeps coming back to the villages to provide a continuum of primary care. We learn more about medical work in the global context, what it means to lack access to care, and crucial points that determine the success of an international medical effort.

Dr. LaBrot emphasizes that all talents are welcome to Floating Doctors. If you are interested in learning more,  visit their website: http://floatingdoctors.com/

February 9 – Sahil Aggarwal

Sahil Aggarwal, co-founder of Pendulum Global, sits down to discuss his non-profit, defends the need for global health projects, and gives aspiring entrepreneurs concrete tips to begin their own projects. You can find out more about his organization and get involved at their website.

Interview With Sahil

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